Jarren Barboza - Mexico City

Jarren spent 2 weeks in Mexico City enjoying good food, flying helicopters, and riding his bike around the City. Captured by Raphe Valdez.

Jarren Barboza - Downtown San Diego

Captured in a few hours in the City. Filmed by Raphe Valdez.

Jarren Barboza Signature Voyager Frame Video 2019

Promo for the release of Jarren’s first Voyager Frame.

Jarren Barboza & Demarcus Paul Frame Release Event

All Day BMX Shop hosted a jam in celebration of both, Jarren and Demarcus’ new Volume frames dropping. 

Jarren Barboza Welcome to Volume Bikes 2018

The welcoming of Jarren Barboza to Volume Bikes.

Drop The Pin - Jarren Barboza, Billy Perry, Josh Clemens

Dropped a Pin in the City of Angels and hit the streets. 

Stacking Clips with Jarren Barboza & Broc Raiford

A day out filming for different video projects, featuring Jarren Barboza and Broc Raiford.

Jarren Barboza for All Day Bmx 2017

Filmed by Alex Quintero, Jarren hits the streets of San Diego for AllDay Bmx Shop.