About Jarren

“Some people were born to lead. Jarren Barboza was born to ride. - The art of BMX riding was like a new frontier that became popularized decades ago and, in recent years, have seen a resurgence thanks to Professionals like Nigel Sylvester and even Pharrell Wiliams. Now the future belongs to rising newcomer Jarren Barboza.” - Bleu Magazine


Jarren Barboza (Born Dec. 6 1998 in New Bedford Massachusetts) is a Professional BMX Athlete based in San Diego. “Growing up in New Bedford I always had a bike, but it wasn’t until 2010 when I became obsessed with riding every single day.” Following graduating from New Bedford High School in 2015, Jarren moved to California to pursue BMX riding where he stayed between a friend and a relatives house. Years after dedicating himself to his craft, he obtained recognition from local Pro’s and by early 2017 he had gained backing through multiple brands. The continuing years he’d sign with numerous Sponsors and book multiple roles in Television Shows as well as National Commercials. Barboza recently celebrated the release of his first Signature BMX Frame with Volume Bikes.